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Basements are usually designed with the floor plan of a house. It creates more space, consumes fewer resources, and can be easily accessed by residents. But a growing trend is walkout basements. But why choose a walkout basement? A walkout basement is defined as a basement you can walk out from and gain direct access to the backyard or front yard. Instead of a single entry into the main house, now you have at least 3 entry and exit points. If you want more reasons to go with a basement walkout, then continue reading this article. 

1. Added Space

The biggest advantage of having a walkout basement is the additional space you’d be getting. While it will significantly cost more, additional space provides room for creativity. You can use your walkout basement for whatever. Aside from additional storage, a walkout basement could serve as extra bedrooms or even a gym room. The crux is that you’ll have space when you need it. 

2. Increased home value

In the real estate market, a walkout basement in a home tremendously increases the resale value of that home. Buyers are more likely to pay more just for the walkout basement. So, if you’re looking to sell your home in the future, adding a walkout basement will prove to be financially wise when it’s time. 

3. More Lighting

While an underground basement is cheaper, it limits the aesthetics of your home. The lightning from an underground basement remains underground and doesn’t illuminate the entire outdoors. But a walkout basement has windows or some sort of openings for ventilation that can reflect light from within. Walkout basement lighting reduces the amount of lighting you need for curb appeal and security. 

4. Extra apartment

With a walkout basement, you automatically get a new apartment. And with a new apartment, you have the potential of making money from renting a portion of your home. The walkout basement can serve as a separate apartment from the main building. If you’re not willing to rent, then it could still be used as a separate apartment for you and your family or a duplex. So, no matter your choice, you’d be getting an extra apartment. 

5. More Storage 

A traditional walk-up basement cannot boast of having much room for storage like walkout storage. The space in a walkout basement allows you to store stuff, and not just old stuff. Since it’s practically an extension of your home, you can store day-to-day items in your basement. 

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