Louis Jones November 17, 2022

How Much Money Can Upgrading Your Windows Save You? - HomeRite Windows and  Doors

Are you trying to replace your windows? Do you want to look for some new varieties and make a smart choice? Well, you have got nothing to worry about. Of course, replacing your windows demands you to go out of your way and spend money. 

But we have good news: There are many ways to save money with your replacement windows and doors. And you can buy these at better quality and affordable rates. 

Check out 5 money-saving features to look for when replacing your windows. 

Energy star rating

Not many of us are aware of the energy efficiency of windows. But there are many energy efficient windows available in the market which reduces your energy bills. But how do you identify it? There is an energy star rating applicable for windows which indicates that the product is energy efficient. So when you opt for energy star-rated replacement windows, it can help you cut costs in the future. 

Double and Triple pane windows

Pane windows can help you reduce energy loss as well. For starters, there are three types of pane windows – single, double, and triple. Double pane windows and triple pane windows are better at thermal efficiency. This is because there will be a small gap between two panes of glass in double pane windows. This space creates an air pocket that can be filled with inert gas. By doing so, you can save up to 50% with double pane windows and up to 80% with triple pane windows. 

Boost energy efficiency with window coating

There are several coatings to help boost the thermal performance of the windows. One of the most common coatings is the Low-E coating. While some Low-E coating varieties help in solar control, a few others are made to provide UV protection. Both these options are helpful and can save energy and money. 

Buy low-maintenance windows

Did you repair your old windows often and find it challenging to maintain them? Say bye-bye to strict maintenance with your new windows. Opt for materials that require less maintenance. For instance, Vinyl windows need the least maintenance, but those varieties can degrade faster if your place has extreme weather conditions. Similarly, Clad wood and fibreglass windows and doors are also maintenance-friendly and have more extended durability. So, check with your expert and choose windows that require low-to-no maintenance. This saves both money and time. 

Think about resale value

You will never know when you would want to sell your property. If you decide to sell yours, the windows could affect the price rates. That is to say, your replacement windows offer a higher return on investment, provided you buy the right kind of windows. So, when you buy a replacement window, do not go for an inexpensive product to simply save some money. Instead, think in the long run and opt for affordable yet superior windows that match your home’s style. 

Bottom Line

You can opt for either expensive or cheaper windows based on your budget. But always calculate the future savings and costs before choosing a window. For example, some windows might be costly but can help save a lot in the future, while a few others may be affordable but require more maintenance or be less energy efficient. On the other hand, you might even find windows that are affordable and also saves energy and costs in the long run. So, consider all the factors before you zero down your choice.