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Most of the time what is left unnoticed in our home is the doors and windows. You user it every day, they are part of the aesthetic look of your home, provide air circulation as well as security but still they get noticed. With time windows and doors gets damaged and worn out. If they are not replaced at the right time they may cause huge problem. 

If you are thinking how to identify that they need replacement then read on. 

1. You feel draft of cold or hot air

Windows and doors are to stop the outside unwanted air from entering your home. If you get draft of hot air in summer and cold air in winter inside your home, when they are closed, you must understand that they need replacement. You may replace the water stripping, but it’s temporary. Doors and windows and getting damaged and you need to take action before it’s too late. 

2. Operating the windows becomes tough

If you find that it is not that easier to open or close the windows as you used to do earlier, then it may be a sign you are looking for. Doors may get worn out or the balance of the windows may have been affected. Whatever is the cause these things show that your doors and windows needs replacement and you must act on it! 

3. You see light entering through closed doors and windows

Normally light will not come inside your rooms when the windows are closed. Still if you find that light is entering your home when they are closed it means that the seal is damaged. You may repair the seal only but then it will again get damaged soon. So, it’s better to replace the windows. The same is with doors too. Doors are the safety vouch of your home. If they are worm out it is always better to replace them. 

4. The electricity bill is higher

There can be many reason for higher electricity bills but if you don’t find one, then it may be because the doors and windows are making the damage. When the air inside home is not cool the HVAC system has to work more thus increasing the electricity bill. 

5. They start looking ugly

You may find that the windows or doors are chipped or cracked. There may be some missing hardware. Whatever the condition is you need to replace them so that they do not create more damage.

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