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Your sprinkler system can save your life. That is no rocket science. However, just like any gadget in your household or commercial space, your sprinkler system needs maintenance for it to function optimally. A neglected sprinkler system can be triggered even if there is no fire, or it can malfunction during a fire which is even more detrimental.

Make sure the valves are open

Your sprinkler system is useless is your valves are closed. In a commercial space where the valves can accidentally be closed or tampered with, this poses a huge risk. Make sure that you check your valves regularly to make sure that they are open in case a fire occurs.

Put up clear signs

Placing illustrated signs with short and clear directions for the proper care and maintenance of sprinkler systems can save your money and your life. Put clear directives for tenants not to close the valves no matter what happens so the sprinklers have ample water supply at all times.

Don’t miss out on sprinkler system repair

Depending on the type of systems installed in your home or commercial space, your sprinkler systems will need checkups quarterly, biannually or annually. The valves, pipes and sprinkler heads need to be checked for blockages. The sprinkler heads themselves will need to be changed to make sure that they are still free from rust and other blockages.

Proper placement is necessary

It is important for sprinkler heads to be placed at the right places to ensure that your space is properly covered in case of a fire. On top of that, sprinkler heads should have at least 13-inch clearance. Sprinkler heads that have been placed in hot rooms or heat sources and storage boxes may not work well anymore. For this reason, you need to get a professional to conduct sprinkler system repair on a regular basis.

Install correct sprinkler systems

If you own a condo unit, you must make sure that the sprinkler system installed in the space is apt for the needs of your tenant. For example, if you are renting out a commercial space, the sprinklers needed for a restaurant would be inappropriate if the space will be transformed into an office space. Installing sprinkler systems is not a good DIY project. Make sure you hire only professionals to do this job for you.

Invest in smart solutions

Depending on your space, you might want to invest in smart valve locks. Sensors and electronic controls for the valves can help you gain more control on the sprinkler’s functionality. Of course, even smart locks need maintenance. These checkups might initially be expensive but it’s a worthy investment, considering how fast a small fire can spread.

Purchase aids

Do not just depend on your sprinklers alone. Any home or commercial space should also be equipped with proper fire extinguishers and fire alarms. Educate yourselves, your household and your employees about efficient ways to fight and prevent fire. Always remember that fire prevention is still better than cure. You should be extra vigilant if you have children and elders in your space.

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