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Becoming a citizen of Turkey is a dream for many. It offers access to a vibrant culture, beautiful landscapes, and a bustling economy. As such, it’s no wonder that so many people are interested in becoming citizens of this country. However, before you can become a Turkish citizen, there are certain investment requirements you must meet. In this article, we will break down the investment requirements for turkish citizenship so that you can understand what is expected of you.

The most common way to acquire Turkish citizenship is through real estate investment. To qualify for citizenship, investors must purchase at least one piece of property valued at 250 thousand US dollars or more. The property must be located in a developed area and cannot be sold for at least three years after the purchase date. Investors must also pay all relevant taxes on their purchases.

Investment Options

The amount of money required to become a Turkish citizen varies based on the type of investment you make. For example, if you purchase real estate worth at least $250,000 USD in Turkey, then you could be eligible for citizenship. Alternatively, if you deposit at least $500,000 USD into a Turkish bank account or invest at least $500,000 USD in government bonds or stocks listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE), then these investments could also qualify as an investment requirement for citizenship.

In addition to these monetary investments, there are also other non-monetary investments that could make you eligible for Turkish citizenship. These include making donations to social projects or investing in research and development projects approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. You may also be able to qualify for citizenship through investments made in companies’ capital or assets. It should be noted that all investments must remain active for three years after being made in order to count towards obtaining citizenship status.

Residency Requirements

In addition to making an eligible investment, individuals who wish to apply for Turkish citizenship are required to have resided in Turkey continuously over a period of five years prior to their application submission date. During this period of residence they must have lived in Turkey without interruption and not left the country more than 180 days per year cumulatively during those five years prior to their application submission date. This residency requirement applies only when applying through an investment route; those applying through other means such as marriage may be exempt from this rule depending on individual circumstances and cases.


It is possible to gain Turkish citizenship through an eligible monetary or non-monetary investment as well as by meeting residency requirements set out by the government of Turkey. Understanding these requirements can help interested parties determine if they meet the criteria needed to obtainTurkish citizenship status and live their dreams of living abroad in one of the most picturesque countries on earth! If you would like further information about gaining Turkish Citizenship please feel free reach out our team here at Metric Marketing for assistance with your questions and inquiries about becoming a citizen!

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