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Anti reflective coated glass,which means there’s a anti reflective coating on glass surface which can decrease the glass light reflectance,taking advantage of this new glass product,the direct solar transmittance can be decreased and widely used in glass greenhouse.While the decreased light transmittance also brings more clear appearance to some special application,such as shopping front,museum,showing cabinet etc.

In the past years,the glass used in museum,shopping front are low iron glass,compared with normal clear glass,low iron glass don’t have green appearance ,but both clear glass and low iron glass has about 8% light reflectance,caused some problem,especially in Museum,the visitors cannot see the historical relic very clearly,and when taking pictures of the relics, the high light reflectance also caused visual distortion.

The anti reflective glass main manufacturers are Taiwan Glass,Jinjing Glass,CSG glass in China,similar as low-E coated glass,it’s produced with magnetron sputtering technology ,combining with low iron glass,the glass light transmittance will increase about 4-5% and light reflectance can be decreased to only 1%,here is a performance compare between normal laminated glass and low iron anti reflective laminated glass.

The conclusion is: if single piece anti reflective coating used in the laminated glass,the light transmittance and reflectance don’t decrease much,but if 2 pieces anti reflective glass, the reflectance will be decreased to only 1%,and light transmittance is 98%,it will be very difficult to note the glass existing .

Now anti reflective low iron laminated glass has widely used in exhibition industry,museum,showing cabinet,shop front,picture frame,glass facade and screen protection .Combining with other glass processing technology,such as tempering ,laminating,anti blasting coating,the anti reflective glass is becoming more and more popular,offering more security &protective functions .

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