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5 Fabulous Backsplash Trends For 2022 | Sea Pointe

Home designs are pretty much like every trend that pops up every year – they constantly change. Over the past decades, we have witnessed homeowners decorating their homes with the trend at that time. 

During the 1920s, Art Deco was the popping style. But when the 1930s came, Modernism became the top home styling trend. These changes went on and on. Today, many prefer defined spaces and natural materials for their homes.

Natural materials, such as wood panelings, woven art, and tapestries, have become the style of the 2020s. In addition, homeowners now give more importance to providing their homes with defined spaces. While open layout designs have become a thing before, many homeowners find it challenging to work around this style during the pandemic when houses also had to function as offices. So now, you will see homes with dividers or doors that will separate work and living spaces.

That said, homeowners can now style the other parts of their homes differently. You can paint your living space with neutral colors and then go for something colorful for your kitchen without worrying whether or not the themes of your home are harmonious with each other. This makes it easier for you to choose elements for your home. 

When it comes to the kitchen, the backsplash is one of the most important elements. Aside from the evident aesthetic purposes, a kitchen backsplash is also functional as a kitchen cabinet Pasadena. This seeming kitchen design element protects the wall behind the sink against water damage from accidental splashing. 

Kitchen backsplashes have different designs. Thus, the problem lies in choosing the ideal backsplash for your kitchen. There are patterned backsplashes, such as vertically tiled, herringbone patterns, and geometric patterns. You can also choose custom-shaped and painted tiles, subway tiles, or full quartz. 

If you want to know more about these backsplash trends, you may check this infographic from one of the best companies in kitchen remodeling Rancho Palos Verdes, Mr. Cabinet Care

Backsplash Trends of 2022

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