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Each bin has a sticker that reminds you of the list of materials it must receive. The contents of the gray bin with yellow lid will be recycled if it is presented in bulk (without plastic bag):

  • transparent or opaque plastic bottles and flasks with caps;
  • all papers, newspapers, magazines and prospectuses;
  • cardboard packaging and bricks;
  • metal packaging: cans, metal cans, aerosols

From October 1, coffee capsules, yoghurt pots, trays or plastic bags, formerly thrown away with household waste, can now be placed in the yellow bins.

 The rest (except glass) should be put in the gray junk bin

The Household Waste Treatment Union (Syctom), the metropolitan agency that treats and recovers household waste in the region, meets the regulatory obligation to extend sorting instructions set for 2022 

Objective: to recycle 75% of packaging! Those involved in sorting, collection and recycling have developed methods to recycle and recover these tonnes of plastic waste. Consult the junk removal fairfax  services for the best results there.

What happens to sorted waste?

The sorting centers have gradually been equipped to process these new materials. From October 1, all packaging will be sorted and recycled. The materials will be compacted in the form of bales and then transported to recycling plants in France or, possibly, to neighboring European Union countries.

They are then transformed into granules, coils or plates and are used to make new objects: yoghurt pots are transformed into hangers, laundry cans become public benches.

Tips for sorting well:

  • Packaging must be disposed of in bulk in the gray recycling bin with yellow cover;
  • Metal packaging must be empty but washing is not necessary;
  • Jars, jars and glass bottles must be thrown away in glass containers on public roads

Behind the scenes: what happens to your waste after sorting?

Removal of bulky items

The deposit of objects must imperatively take place the day before the collection day from 7 p.m.

Excluded are demolition materials (rubble, plaster, etc.), sanitary ware, timber and framework, cardboard (to be presented with yellow bins), toxic waste and all products whose disposal is the responsibility of contractors.

As green waste is also assimilated to household waste, it is also subject to this ban. To get rid of plant waste, you should:

  • to compost them
  • to go to a recycling center
  • use biodegradable bags, made available at the reception of the technical services of the Administrative Center

Please note that the collection of bulky items is the responsibility of shops and businesses. GPSO does not collect them.

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