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The idea of buying a home may be the American dream for some people, but for others, when it comes to their apartments, there is no place like home. Renting a residence, especially in a low real estate market, can offer many advantages over buying and investing in a home. Below are some of them:

Renting Is Cheaper

Renting an apartment usually requires the first and last month’s rent plus an insurance deposit, which can be substantially less than the thousands of dollars you would need to buy a home. Rather than committing that money to a house that may not be appreciated in years, renting could be more financially beneficial.


When you’re a renter, you have more flexibility to pack and move if that’s what you need, which is a useful option if you want to push for a job, hate where you live, or have troublesome neighbors with whom you have to live. You could pay a lease cancellation fee, but it’s still a lot easier than putting your house on the market and expecting it to sell for a reasonable price in a fair amount of time.

Community Benefits

Many departmental complexes, like a Condo near Kasetsart, (คอนโดเกษตร, which is the term in Thai), is equipped with swimming pools and gyms. This allows you to save money or a gym membership. In more exclusive complexes, you could find valet parking and porter services, such as people walking your dogs or picking up your clothes from the dry cleaner. An apartment building that prides itself on the community could throw a pool party and have game nights for its tenants. This can be an excellent way to foster friendship and camaraderie between neighbors.


When you buy a house, you will have repair and maintenance costs. If the garbage disposal breaks down or the heater turns off, you will have to buy a new one. Some repairs can be fixed without costing a lot of money, but most of the components of a house, for example, the pipe, heating, and waterproofing can be thousands of dollars. When you rent an apartment, a call to the landlord or superintendent is usually all it takes to solve the problem.

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