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The decoration of floors with traditional artwork, hand-made rugs always carry the elegance view to people all over the world. Hand-made rugs have a great history and if you try the origin then it will take you back thousands of years. To decorate a specific area of the floors, nothing can be more beautiful and sensational as the hand-made rugs. These rugs have high durability, hold valuable importance, and it can be gifted to the next generations as well. A lot of interior designers give the most prestigious importance to the hand-made rugs for the décor of any room or an office. Usually, natural materials are used for the manufacturing of hand-made rugs such as cotton wool, and silk that confirms the reliability of these rugs.

Types of Hand-Made Rugs

The following are the most popular types of hand-made that are manufactured in various countries. But the Far and the Middle East are considered as the origin of the following hand-made rugs.

  • Persian Rugs

These hand-made rugs have been manufactured for thousands of years and they are also known as Iranian rugs. The Persian rugs usually carry the most conventional art of floral designs. The red and the blue shades are the trademarks of these hand-made Persian rugs.

  • Caucasian Rugs

Caucasian hand-made rugs belong to the Caucasus region that is involved in the manufacturing of rugs since the 18Th century. These rugs carry the beautiful and eye-catchy geometrical designs and traditional as well with the use of vibrant colors. Wool is the main source of manufacturing of these rugs and these rugs have the following types such as;

•             Akstafa

•             Baku chila

•             Avar

•             Georgian.

  • Oriental Rugs

These hand-made rugs are usually dyed in bright shades such as red, yellow, and blue. If we talk about the variety of oriental hand-made rugs, you will not find the enormous variety. This is because of the will of the producers who use traditional geometric designs and they are made up of using blended wool, silk, and cotton.

  • Indian Rugs
    If you are willing to have the most classical and sensational designs then Indian hand-made rugs are one of the best to consider. The manufacturers of these rugs took great inspiration from the Persian rugs. The floral design is one of the most dominating design of Indian hand-made rugs. They are also made up of wool and they are usually available in pink, yellow, and red colors.

Characteristics of Hand-Made Rugs

  • These are the following characteristics of Hand-made rugs;
  • The hand-made rugs can be purchased with the matching of interior décor of your rooms
  • These classical rugs offer great source of softness to enjoy a barefoot walk
  • Children can crawl or play on these hand-made rugs
  • A feeling of warmth is the most appealing characteristic of these rugs
  • They are easy to clean and maintenance
  • A simple vacuuming would be enough to make the surface clean
  • They can be wash in case of removing stains
  • They offer an ultimate source of interior decoration.

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