admin July 18, 2019

If you are anything like me, you are very selective when it comes to choosing the right candidate for any job. When it comes to home improvement projects (or anything that costs me money for that matter) I am especially selective.

For me, finding a home painting contractor was a very methodical and trying process that entailed a great deal of research. By the time I actually found the right man for the job, I was thoroughly exhausted and ready for them to start the job.

The purpose of my writing this piece is to inform you on the process that I implement when I select contractors for my home improvement projects.

I use a very simple, yet strategic, 3 step process.

1. Research

Obviously, carrying out a great deal of research prior to making any decision is a wise move. What I do, personally, is review the company’s website and then run their name through a Google search to see what comes up. In nearly all cases you will find some type of review about the company. If I see more negative reviews than positive, I move on to the next candidate. However, I do not discredit them if I see 1 or 2 negative reviews. I do all my research before I even contact the company.

2. Interview

If the potential contractor passes all of my research requirements, I then call and speak with someone. I will typically conduct some type of interview process. I ask whatever questions are important to me.

3. References

The final test that I conduct is calling on 5 references. Yes, I did say that I call a total of 5. Now you might be asking yourself why it is that I contact 5. Well, my answer tot his question is very simple. If I am going to be spending thousands of my hard earned dollars, then I am going to be sure that the home painting contractor I am considering is the absolute best candidate for the job.

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