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You need to have the number of your most trusted emergency plumber Swindon so you can ask for help if ever a plumbing emergency happens. However, knowing the number of your plumber is not enough. You should also know what to do during these emergencies to minimize damage.

Shut off the water

To do this, you need to know where your main valve is. You should shut down the water the moment there is a leak or a burst pipe. This way, you can prevent or minimize the water damage in your home. To do this effectively, know where the main valve is and how to work it even before any plumbing emergency takes place. As this is usually outside and could be in a spot that has weeds or bushes, try to keep the area clean and obstruction-free. This way, when there is a plumbing emergency in your home, you can easily shut off the water from the source.

Shut off the electricity

It is also a good idea to shut off the electricity especially if you suspect the leaked water has affected electric appliances. It is a must to shut off the main electricity if you are cleaning up any spills which may have touched the refrigerator or any appliance that is located on affected spots. Unplug these appliances after you have shut off the main electric switch in your home. If the electric switch in your home is in the flooded area, then call a professional to help you out.

Clean up

You may opt to clean up as much as you could to prevent and slip-and-fall incidents from happening. However, if you are unsure about the safety of touching the water, call an emergency plumber or better yet, the rescue team in your area. Only attempt to do the cleaning up yourself if there is no risk of getting electrocuted.

Avoid DIY solutions

Do not try to use any chemicals to unclog your pipes. Not only is the handling of these chemicals dangerous but the chemicals themselves may only end up damaging your pipes. In case of clogs, the best option is to call an emergency plumber Swindon. This way, the pipes can be examined by a professional, the clogs are taken care of without causing damages, and the pipes could be replaced when needed. These DIY solutions may be tempting to buy into but they can be short term solutions for the real problems. They might unclog your pipes for a time, but they could cause odors or even leaks later on.

Call an emergency plumber

You should call your emergency plumber Swindon as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more inconvenience and water damage your plumbing emergency could cause. As much as possible, have your plumber’s number on your cellphone or posted in the ref. You might also want to have two to three other options if your plumber is not available. Take note of all the problems you noticed so you can tell your plumber about it on the phone. This way, he can bring all the materials he needs for the repairs. He could also advise you what to do while he has not reached your home yet.

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