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You must not ignore the importance of lighting in your kid’s room interiors. Besides illuminating the room, it helps in setting the mood and tone of the room. There are various types of lighting fixtures available in the market used for different purposes. Install a combination of these various lighting fixtures to ensure that the room is not only appealing but visual clarity is available in task-oriented areas as well. Adequate lighting fixtures should be installed in areas where safety precautions are required. Also, you must only choose lighting fixtures for your kid’s room that are not eyesores. But fear not, if you do not know how to design the room for you kids, you can read up on this article from that gives you ideas on improving your kids room.

01 of 05 Hang pendant lights

Although many would argue that pendant lights are a bad option for a kid’s bedroom, you can consider hanging one as long as you hang it high. If you can manage to hang them a little higher, they are quite perfect for the room. To ensure it enhances the room’s appeal, always hang smaller and sleeker pendant lights lower and the larger ones higher. You can install it over task areas like a study table. Always remember that the light should not hang low enough that it hits the kid’s hands or head while playing.

02 of 05 Always install table lamps

You must never forget to add a table lamp to your kid’s room interiors. Besides a pendant light, a table lamp can be a task light as well. You can place it on a table or desk where sufficient light is not available. A table lamp can replace a night light as well if it is located close to the bed. Moreover, table lamps are available in various interesting and fun designs that are suitable for kids’ rooms. However, you must always remember that kids are irresponsible and they might drop the table lamp on the floor if it is placed on the edge of the table or desk.

03 of 05 Focus lights for a kid’s room

There are certain corners in your kid’s room where adequate light will not reach. These are the places where you must consider installing focus lights. The focus lights will illuminate these dark corners and ensure that safety is maintained in the accident-prone areas. You can either place the focus light on the desk or mount it on the ceiling. Focus lights should be installed on both levels if you have a bunk bed.

04 of 05 Night lights

Sleeping with the lights on is not possible. It will disturb your sleep and cause irritation. However, many young children are often afraid of the darkness and cannot sleep properly without the lights on. This is where night lights prove to be extremely useful. They provide a soft glow that is bright enough to help you find your way to the bathroom in the dark but will not disturb your sleep. Also, you can find night lights in many fun and playful designs, shapes, colours, and sizes that are ideal for a kid’s room. Many night lights are convenient to use and can be plugged into the socket. They do not require additional drilling and rewiring.

05 of 05 A festive look with fairy lights

Installing fairy lights in a kid’s bedroom is a great idea. They can be used to light up various elements in the room like the wardrobe, false ceiling, etc. You can find them in many colours, styles, and designs. The most commonly used fairy lights are white and yellow. However, you should choose the colour depending on the size of the room and the design and colour of the other elements used in the room.

Lighting plays a crucial role in making your kid’s room more functional and aesthetically appealing. You must never ignore its importance. The aforementioned tips will help you to choose the right lighting fixtures for your kid’s room interiors. You must always ensure that you buy quality lighting fixtures from renowned brands only.

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