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The creation or renovation of a bathroom requires plumbing, electrical, layout (furniture), plaster, earthenware / tiling, as well as floor and wall coverings. It is therefore a project requiring multiple skills, care, but above all meticulousness in order to obtain a result that meets his expectations.

The bathroom: a place of relaxation reinvented

The bathroom is now considered a living room in its own right. Decoration and design have invaded this space, which used to be neglected in the past. Custom-made furniture, large walk-in shower, taps with lighting, studied lighting, everything is possible to give style and elegance to your bathroom. For the Bathroom renovation in Oakville this is important.

To obtain such a result, several professionals must intervene:

  • plumbers
  • electricians
  • tilers
  • carpenters
  • painters

Tip From Our Expert

You can entrust your site to a unique company that has all the know-how you could need. You have the advantage of dialoguing with a single contact who will deliver your bathroom “turnkey” .

We advise you to make several quotes and compare them. We can put you in touch with partner artisans, selected for their expertise and seriousness. You will get up to free quotes from professionals located near you, anywhere.

The price of renovating a bathroom

In proportion to its size, renovations to a bathroom are among the most expensive to carry out when renovating your house or apartment, taking into account the price of furniture and other necessary equipment:

  • change of place of a radiator or replacement thereof
  • replacement of a shower tray
  • change of fittings
  • dismantling of the old earthenware and replacement with a more current one
  • Electricity (sockets, lighting, etc.)

A classic site quickly returns around 400 to 500 € per m², in the low range. The budget can indeed quickly skyrocket if you want to completely review the plan of your bathroom by modifying the Plumbing, by integrating a designer washbasin cabinet, a spa bath, a walk-in shower, taps or lighting specific.Remember that the total budget for the development of your water feature may involve variable costs, depending on the nature of the work to be carried out:

  • unplanned replacement of certain water pipes and waste water outlets
  • leveling the floor before applying a new coating
  • moving a door or window
  • fees of an architect (or a design office) if applicable

It is recommended to plan an additional budget of approximately 10% of the amount of the initial estimate in order to deal with all these unforeseen events.

Your bathroom equipment in detail

You will find below some prices, given as an indication, of the main elements to budget for when creating or renovating a bathroom. Only a personalized quote will allow you to know precisely the cost of your future work, depending on the configuration of your room, the location of the pipes and the quality of the equipment chosen.

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