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The purchase of your sewing machine certainly remains your main investment in sewing equipment.


Whether it is before taking the plunge if you have never sewn before, or if you already know it well, the best way to choose well and try the machine on which you will set your sights.

If you are in the first case, that you start in sewing, try to machine sew if not to verify that you really like it. Then you will be less stressed the day you start on your own. You probably have a friendly and gifted sewing friend around you who will be happy to test you and share her passion for sewing with you. Otherwise why not fall back on a couture café?

If you are already more expert, you can also test directly from specialized sellers. Whether you are a neophyte or a connoisseur, this is what we strongly recommend: test these little beasts in the dedicated stores. With the best machine for monogramming you can find the smartest solutions.

What do you need?

One of the first questions the seller will ask you is: how will you use your sewing machine?

  • occasionally sew cushions, curtains
  • darning clothes (hemming, adjusting)
  • customize, embroider, decorate
  • do your clothes (what we wish you wholeheartedly)
  • sew cotton, silk, jersey, woollens, jeans or imitation leather
  • Fine-tune the details: kilt, fancy stitches, different buttonhole shapes.

Indeed according to the answers we will need straight stitch, zig-zag stitch, triple stitch, embroidery stitch, jersey stitch and the models will also depend on it.

That said, when you start, you should know that the straight stitch, the zigzag stitch, the jersey stitch, the buttonhole, already cover the vast majority of works. Next it is a question of precision and personal comfort.

Electronic or mechanical?

Before talking about budget, the question arises of an electronic or mechanical sewing machine?

What are we talking about?

For equivalent quality, a mechanical sewing machine will necessarily be cheaper than an electronic one.

However, it will be up to you to make the settings: stitch, width, needle position. It is often more than enough to get started. Conversely, an electronic machine will have “pre-set” functions and you will just have to select them to set them up. Faster, more intuitive, it is often more precise too and it leaves less room for error.

What is your budget?

Another fundamental question: money-money. Before going to the store, determine your budget, this will also determine the sales network to which you turn.

You will find “good” machines between 80 € and several thousand euros (at that price they can be good). The idea is rather to navigate between 80-500 €. If you want to put more, then you are already a pro and cleat on the features you want, and this article will not really give you an answer. But if not, know that you can already have perfectly correct machines for a hundred euros. It all depends on the longevity you expect, functionality, etc.

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