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In 2020, there are many designers preferring natural materials like silk, linen, cotton as well as natural prints. In addition, the top positions like bamboo curtains are also in trend. Plain curtains can perfectly fit into many designs and styles, giving rooms a finished look. The upcoming trend year has the curtains with saturated tones which look great in beige, sand and pastel shades of wallpaper.

Moreover, they are single-layered curtains that are welcomed.

Curtains having tones like beige, brown, green, and blue you can refresh the interior of a room.

Types of fashionable curtains

The top fashion trends in 2020 are, ideally, as voluminous as possible. With their tailoring from airy snow-white fabrics, you can make the room lighter and more spacious.

Japanese and Roman curtains

They have an extensive fabric strip, whose length can be altered, which becomes a godsend for creating minimalist interiors. By purchasing Roman curtains for the living room or bedroom, you will have room’s elegance and comfort. Japanese curtains remotely resemble sliding doors and can be a godsend for the nursery.

In addition, the convenience and comfort of such fashionable curtains boast excellent light transmission.

Roller blinds

Stylish roller blinds also have much relevance. Their monochrome versions bring harmony in the atmosphere of the room decoration. The housewives who are not afraid of experiments can try out these curtains with photo printing on the windows and can reproduce family photographs, children’s drawings along with adding a twist to the design solution.

French curtains

If you are dreaming of creating an atmosphere of luxury then choose French curtains. They have an unrivaled standard of classic chic and look truly great in spacious rooms or in small rooms as they seem bulky. The structures of these curtains are divided into distinctive sections along with flowing folds and they are an ideal choice for studio apartments and large living rooms.

Oriental-style curtains

Here’s another trending curtain of the year which is responding to the fashion of exotic interiors. Among modern curtains, this option accepts the presence of pelmets and multi-level cascades. It beats the windows in the room with exquisite curtains of golden cloth which is decorated with calligraphic ornaments and intricate patterns. It is complemented by tassels and fringes and you will make the interior chic worthy of the royal palace.

In the past 2019, curtains in the style of the country were popular. By removing the windows with romantic curtains, you will bring a tender mood to the decoration of the room.

Horizontal blinds

It is a spectacular looking filament curtain which has retained its position. A woven strip is cut into numerous ribbons and they can be plain or multi-colored. It is the most luxuriously looking variation decorated with rhinestones and beads.

Latest materials for sewing curtains

The fabric naturally needs to be selected not only for reasons of fashion, but also in accordance with the stylistic interior solution. The materials used must be combined with each other in texture and shade. You can have curtains from the following fabrics:

1) Natural

2) Linen

3) Satin

4) Cotton

5) Silk

These are becoming a godsend for interiors in a modern style, especially pragmatic which is the purchase of linen products. It does not lose its color and brightness for a long period and also never goes out of fashion. It is true that these materials are prone to creasing.

Cotton fabrics that prevent the loss of brightness are made with the addition of polyester. If you want to make your room look more spectacular then your preference for products should be made of silk or satin. It brings gloss to the room, without depriving it of comfort. They perfectly fit into most style decisions. When it comes to luxurious interiors, designers are advised to choose velvet, chenille and velour, but the texture of matter should ideally be satin or matte.


The curtains sewn from such fabrics today are almost more often than from natural ones. In most cases, viscose is used which forms folds of various shapes and complexity, giving curtains a great look in the interiors. They do not crease and combine perfectly with other varieties of curtains.

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