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Children can fun to be with and it might even surprise you to know that there are ways you can clean the house with them.

1st Tip: Look at Your Household from A Child’s Perspective!

House cleaning with small children can be a pain in the ass. As soon as the youngest is mobile, they often don’t leave their parents’ side anymore. Before cleaning rooms, places, and objects, first check how child-safe your household is.

  • Are there any heavy objects that could fall over?
  • Are sockets equipped with child safety devices?
  • Do stairs and entrances have to be secured to avoid the risk of falling?
  • What objects might your child put in their mouth at a certain age?
  • Which surfaces can be disinfected?

Children like to play outside, and of course, they should be allowed to do so too. To not carry the dirt from the playground into the apartment, it makes sense to take off your shoes at the front door and use a useful foot scraper in the entrance area to stop even coarse dirt.

Especially if there are small children in the household who are still crawling, you can ask all visitors to take off their shoes at the front door to avoid exposing the children to dirt and also get an entry matting for the visitors to dust their foot.

2nd Tip: Cleaning with A System

Please don’t do it all at once when cleaning your House. The chaos with small children is often great and cleaning rooms, places, and objects everywhere at the same time are hardly possible in everyday life.

Create a cleaning schedule for when you want to clean the bathroom, for example. Here, too, it makes sense to proceed with a particular system and, for example, first clear away all towels and bathroom mats and start cleaning the toilet and sink.

3rd Tip: Use Practical Devices

Practical devices can perfectly support House cleaning with small children. Especially if you are tired of the fact that your toddler keeps getting dust on their clothes while crawling, it is worth buying a small robotic vacuum cleaner despite regular vacuuming. The market was flooded with it so that there are now efficient devices that are already very cheap to buy.

The robot vacuum cleaner can clean part of the floors every day, your floor stays clean, and you can spend the time you otherwise sacrifice for vacuuming with your children.

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