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Tall wooden bar chairs are a practical addition to any kind of house decor, not simply for clubs as well as diners. You’ll find them in any type of excellent kitchen as well as a breakfast nook, or any informal eating setup. They function due to the fact that they include a welcome informality to an area.

There’s a great factor for it as well. The official dining room with its expensive cutlery as well as fragile china is dying a slow fatality.

Choosing the appropriate tall wooden bar chair [เก้าอี้ บาร์ ไม้ ทรง สูง, which is the term in Thai] entails understanding three numbers: chair size, and counter height. The combination of these measurements will offer you an optimal range of wherefore you need. It needs to strike an equilibrium between a comfortable seating placement and the correct range from the surface. We have taken into consideration each one in detail to make things as easy as feasible.


The initial number gauges the elevation from the flooring to the top of the chair. There are three typical dimensions for bar stools. You’re most likely most familiar with the counter stool or low. It’s what you’re likely to find at the bar counter at the local. It has a variety of 60-66cm in height. Some even come as high as 73cm.

Bench stool or goldilocks runs around 76cm. Once again, variation exists as well as some may go up to 91cm. You’re probably to locate this type with high-tops at the club. Lastly, there is the viewer or stadium chair. It’s also called Henry High. The tallest of the kind ranges from 86-91cm.


When you’ve discovered those dimensions, it’s time to think about legroom for your upper legs. The right tall wooden bar chair height guarantees that you’re seated conveniently with the adequate area in between you and the bench table. A sure thing is finding a clearance in between 18-32cm, with 20-30cm being perfect for most individuals. That provides you adequate space to take a seat as well as cross your legs if you choose.

In this situation, even more, the room isn’t necessarily better. Clearance on the high side will really feel awkward, as well as overly spacious. Some might find it equally as uneasy as a chair with a tight fit.

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