Louis Jones August 24, 2021

Further, the kitchen gets dirty very easily because of the smoke and fumes produced while cooking. The oil particles in the fumes make the walls and other materials greasy and dirty. You can prevent it from happening by installing a kitchen tile backsplash. Besides protecting your kitchen walls, they help in enhancing the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen design. If you are not sure how to choose a kitchen tile backsplash, you can engage a reliable interior designer in Singapore that offers kitchen renovation packages such as https://www.acvision.com.sg/resale-kitchen-renovation-package and here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 04 Keep it longer than the standard level

Although the standard height for a kitchen backsplash is 4 inches, it is generally advised to keep it higher than that. This is because the kitchen wall stays exposed and can get stained due to splashes while cooking. In most modular kitchen designs, the tile backsplash is often raised all the way from the countertops to the wall cabinets, covering the entire place. This helps to ensure that the walls stay protected from all stains and damages. Many kitchen designs feature a “full-height” backsplash that goes all the way up to the ceiling. It is done to give the kitchen design a more appealing look. However, a 4-inch tile backsplash is sufficient if you do not make a lot of mess while cooking or use the kitchen seldom.

02 of 04 Choose a tile backsplash design that complements the countertops

Your kitchen tile backsplash and countertops meet in the middle. Hence, it is important to ensure that their designs and colours complement each other. If they do not look good together, they might diminish the overall appeal of your kitchen interiors. You can either pick the same colour for the tile backsplash and countertops or choose a contrasting one as long as they complement each other. Also, make sure that they have a similar design pattern.

03 of 04 Set a budget

Before making any changes, you should set a budget. Setting a budget will help you to stay within your limits. If you end up spending too much on just one small area, you might face financial troubles in completing the rest of the decor. Hence, you must plan it out beforehand and set a maximum limit to which you can spend. The cost of the kitchen backsplash strictly depends on the material used and the area covered. There are various options available like glass, stainless steel, and many other expensive materials. However, tiles are most commonly used in households. Ceramic tiles and glass tiles are the best options available in hand. They have an opulent look, do not scratch, and are easy to clean. Also, helps in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen interiors.

04 of 04 Make it the focal point

One of the prime elements of interior designing is to create a focal point that attracts the eye. Almost all kitchen designs feature a focal point that will grab your eye when you enter. You can consider making the tile backsplash the focal point in your kitchen. If you can choose the right tile colour and design, you can make it a great focal point. You can further highlight it by keeping the rest of your modular kitchen design to the minimum. For instance, brightly-coloured subway tiles will look great in a minimal kitchen design. For an artistic appearance, you can opt for mosaic tiles as well. However, you should keep it minimal if there is already one or more focal points in the kitchen design.

The aforementioned tips will surely help you to create a great kitchen tile backsplash. However, you must always ensure that the tiles you are buying are of good quality. Premium quality tiles are durable and their colours do not fade easily. Also, maintaining them is very easy. To ensure that the tiles are of good quality, always purchase them from renowned sellers like AP Beautiful Homes.