Louis Jones September 8, 2021

If you want to have a perfectly designed home, you must choose a good room design app. These days there are plenty of room design apps available. Among these, you have to find the best option. It would be best to try to find such software that will be easy to use, budget-friendly, and have good value for money.

There is plenty of home design software like Foyr Neo with distinct and different features. Regarding choosing the best software to design your home, you have to do proper research about different aspects of such software first. It is important to select software according to your specific design requirement. Here are some of the best interior design apps described below for you to choose from.


This 3D room design software is one of the most popular software options out there. It is available in 2 different versions, such as free version and paid version. It is known to be the ideal software for homestyler and hobbyists. On the other hand, the pro-version of this software is best suited for professional architects, constructors, and interior design engineers. You need to pay a certain subscription fee to use this pro-version. Moreover, various pro-plans are there. The beginner plan costs you $10 per month while the complete pro plan costs you $1199 per year.


This software is mainly loved due to its easy-to-learn and use the feature. Using its 2D rendering feature, you can create various diagrams and floor plans as per your preference. It has great presentations, visual graphics, and efficiency, which is perfect for the advances in interior designers. It is mainly used to provide presentations like flow charts, marketing, timelines, and charts. After availing of its free version, if you are satisfied with its quality, then you can buy its annual subscription. It comes with both single-user and multi-user plans that are to cost you differently.

Planner 5D

Planner 5D is such a useful home design software that comes with plenty of modified and customized templates. By taking advantage of such readily available templates, you can create complex home designs quickly. Moreover, this software can also help you create a similar design of scanned photos of real homes. It only takes to adjust the size, shape, and other dimensions of the floor and ceiling. Moreover, you can also adjust accessories, furniture, materials, and paint color using this software.

Home By Me

This is another great home design software that comes with so many amazing features and functionalities. Beginners and novice designers like this product very much. This software is completely free, and it is quite easy to design the interior of a home quickly. Moreover, it also comes with shifting from 2D to 3D, making the design work so effective and efficient. You can even create a virtual home design to see it from all possible angles to get the look and feel. It is also possible to virtually fit furniture and accessories in a room to see how it looks.