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Winter in some areas means plenty of snow; a magical atmosphere which nevertheless represents a danger for pedestrians, who can be injured following a fall. To fight against these accidents, it is essential to clear the snow if this task falls to you. How do you choose the right equipment for efficient snow removal? Read through!

What Equipment To Choose For Clearing Snow?

It is important to choose the most suitable tools for your situation, taking into account three factors: the volume of snow to be cleared, the surface, and the type of terrain.

The snow removal tools chosen must be both efficient and easy to handle, so as not to tire you out. Visit to learn more on this.

1. The Snow Shovel: Preferred For Small Areas

The snow shovel makes it possible to shovel, thus, to move the snow by throwing it in another place. It is ideal for small areas, which require little snow removal work. Indeed, the exercise can quickly prove to be tiring. However, it is essential not to shovel loads or surfaces that are too large in order not to injure yourself, especially in the back. 

If you are using a shovel, it is recommended that you use it to clear fresh snow, which is lighter and less compact. The width of the shovel should be adapted to the surface to be shoveled, for better maneuverability.

2. The Snow Pusher: A Tool Suitable For Medium Surfaces

If the surface is more important, there are tools to spare your back and make an effort less difficult. The snow pushers, thus, make it possible to push the snow instead of lifting it, to work the legs without having an impact on the back. 

Equipped with a handle, they can be used with both hands at the same time for more efficiency. They take up the principle of the snow plow by rolling the snow on itself to form a pile.

3. The Snow Sled: Greater Width For Unparalleled Efficiency

The snow sled shovel is a pusher equipped with a D-handle, like on a sled. This tool is suitable for large areas to be cleared; it pushes thick snow or even ice in large quantities. It allows you to quickly clear snow from a lane, street or private road. 

In this way, the path leading to your activity or the parking spaces can be cleared without incident following the snow removal obligation imposed by the mayor of your city or municipality. Its ergonomic handle gives it good maneuverability while avoiding back injuries. 

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