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The folding tent’s quality is difficult to differentiate at first glance, as it is difficult to know if something is of quality or not without knowing certain details. Visually, certain things look the same, and a folding tent is one of them.

To avoid spending money on a low-quality folding tent, in this post, we will give you some vital aspects to consider when buying one. This way, you will avoid disappointments when setting it up and having to look for a new supplier once the low-quality tent breaks.

1. Structure Type

The structure is the basis of a quality 30×30 tent. The tubes’ resistance to the wind is given by the manufacturing materials, but, above all, by their thickness. If where you buy the tent, they don’t give you the information about the thickness of the tubes, be wary. And if they give it to you, and it is less than 1mm, be rest assured that you are buying tents that are not too robust.

2. Composition of the Tarpaulins

Like the structure, the tarps of the quality folding tents are thicker than the lower quality ones. All will be made of plastic fabrics, generally PVC-coated polyester. But the grammage of a poorer quality tent will be low. The higher the grammage, the greater the tensile strength. So always look for grammages as high as possible.

3. Possibility of Buying Spare Parts

In this case, we are facing a point with two aspects. On one hand, discover the lower quality tents and, on the other, better amortize our investment. A poor-quality tent will never have spare parts. The professional folding tents always have spares. This way, we can keep our tent in good condition for a long time, better amortizing the investment.

4. Price

It is the most obvious and easy point to check. At first glance on the internet, we can see that the range of prices when it comes to folding tents is huge. We find tents, for instance, for just 40 dollar and tents for more than 500 dollars. How is it possible? Well, this is because the quality is unmatched.

Structures with thick tubes, good quality tarpaulins, reliable and robust folding systems, etc., all that has to be paid for. Therefore, if we see a profound price difference between two apparently equal tents, it is because, and they are actually very different.

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