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Airbnbs are the new hotels. More and more people are preferring to stay in an Airbnb because it’s a more homey and comfortable experience, and for people that had properties just sitting there accumulating bills, it’s become a great way to earn some extra money! In fact, there are some people that are solely earning from Airbnbs alone! 

Although being an Airbnb host seems like an easy way to earn money, there’s actually a lot that goes into it. Letting strangers stay in your home comes with its own set of risks, and although the company is always there to help, there are some things that Airbnb hosts need to manage on their own, and one of them is basic security. One of the most basic security features is the locks. 

While regular locks do work and get the job done, they’re still basic locks. If you really want to change your Airbnb game, you should consider calling locksmith alabaster AL, or a recommended locksmith in your area and investing in a smart lock instead!

Here’s how smart locks can benefit you, as an Airbnb host! 

Say goodbye to the physical key: 

When you’ve got smart locks for your Airbnbs, it gets rid of the problem of always having to keep track of the keys. Guests come and go every day, so making sure that each guest is responsible enough to take care of their keys can sometimes be a little too much to deal with, and constantly having to get spares made can get fairly expensive, not to mention the amount of time everything will take! The costs just keep adding up! However, if you’ve got smart locks on your doors, you can just give the guests the code, and they can easily get in without having to keep track of the key! Easier for you, and them! 

Remote access:

Building on the first point, generally, with physical keys, you need to actually be present at the Airbnb to let your guests in. That can take a lot of time, especially if the guests are late for check-in. If that’s the way you go, you’ll have to take a lot of time out of your day every single time you have a guest checking in or out, and if your Airbnb is popular, that might mean every day! With Smart locks, that’s not a problem anymore! Just call and tell your guests the code of the door, and they’ll be able to let themselves in and lock the door on the way out! 

Advanced Controls: 

Another great thing about smart locks is that you have advanced controls. If you’ve experienced a security breach, with a regular lock, the only one that can restore the security is a locksmith. You will have to change your locks every single time which can be both a waste of time and money! With smart locks, you can simply change the code every time you feel like there’s been a security breach! Making things a lot easier! 

Log available:

One of the best things about having a smart lock is that it can notify you every time the door opens, and if you’ve got a biometric one, you can even check the log of who has been in and out of the doors and when! Making keeping track of everyone a lot easier! 

Better security! 

Finally, smart locks are simply more secure. Traditional locks are easier to pick, and anyone that knows what they’re doing can break into them very easily! The level of security with them is usually so low that they can snap in half with nothing but a screwdriver in hand! Smart locks aren’t built the same way and can provide a much higher level of security. Keeping you, and your Airbnb, a lot safer! 

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