admin September 21, 2021

The importance of having blinds during a home sale might not seem like an obvious factor at first, but there are actually several reasons why having appropriate window coverings installed throughout the property could help you sell for more money.

1. Curb Appeal

When potential buyers arrive at your home to check it out they don’t always walk right in through the front door – some will look around from outside before going up to meet you. Having attractive window dressings such as motorized blinds will not only look better from the outside but will also give potential buyers a good first impression of your home.

2. Value 

Although you might not think of window treatments as expensive, they can actually be an investment that can help you get more money for your home during sale time. If the curtains or blinds are at least somewhat attractive and up to date then it’s reasonable that their value is included in the appraisal process. On top of looking nice and helping increase curb appeal, having decent window coverings installed throughout the home will also boost its resale value.

3. Appeal 

Getting rid of old or window dressings could be one of the first things a potential buyer will notice when they walk through a home, especially if it’s a larger house. It might seem harmless to save the extra cash and skip out on window dressings until you sell your place, but not having blinds or curtains installed could give off the impression that there are other repairs that need to be done as well.

4. Privacy 

In addition to keeping out light and giving your home a cozier feeling, window coverings also help keep prying eyes and nosy neighbors away. Kids playing outside or walking along driveways can’t see inside homes with dark drapes and heavy shades – this is another reason why good window treatments should be considered.

5. Security

Investing in quality window coverings can help keep your home secure by blocking out would-be thieves, burglars, and other potential evildoers who might have their eyes on the things you own. Although most criminals will usually favor breaking into homes that are already open or unlocked, there’s always a chance that someone with bad intentions could come along when nobody’s looking – therefore installing fitted blinds throughout the house is not only recommended it can also help give potential buyers peace of mind.

There are numerous reasons why having appropriate window blinds installed throughout a home is so important during selling time – even if they seem minor at first. Investing in good curtains or shades for your windows doesn’t have to break the bank, but can pay big dividends in the long run.

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