Louis Jones July 23, 2020

A water heater is a convenient device that will save you during the hot water shutdown period. The technique is quite simple, but difficulties often arise with the choice.

So, do you want to choose the right water heater for your apartment? You can undoubtedly trust on All Water Products service. This service will provide you various types and qualities water products for various places such as office, apartment, outdoor etc.

Now read this below article and know about what to look for when buying a water heater according to your demand.

Know about the types of water heater

Water heaters are flow-through, storage and bulk.

Flow-through devices require little space. They have a high heating rate. Water is not stored in them for a long time. And the plus point is bacteria do not grow inside the device. It is worth noting that instantaneous water heaters are quite demanding on the quality and reliability of electrical wiring, they need to lay a separate power line due to the increased power – from 5 to 27 kW. For the same reason, they are uneconomical: electricity bills will be rather big.

Volume of the tank

The volume of the tank is an important characteristic that should be taken into account when choosing a water heater. In an apartment, where no more than three people live, for regular washing of dishes and a daily shower, you need a boiler with a volume of 50 to 80 litters. When the water is heated to the maximum temperature, it will be possible to take a bath.

In an apartment with four tenants with the same needs, it is worth using a boiler with a tank with a volume of 80 to 100 litters. The device with a tank of 100-150 litters is suitable for an apartment in which six people live.

So that, when you go to buy a GE Water Heater for your apartment, you need to talk to the professional. He will guide you which one is to choose according to the requirement of your apartment, tank size, number of people etc.

Now read some important point about which water heater is suitable for an apartment:

  • Neither gas, nor indirect, nor combined boilers are suitable for a city apartment. The only option is an electric water heater.
  • One person needs about 20 litters of hot water per day. Based on this, you need to select the optimal volume of the tank. For example, for a family of three, the ideal is 60 to 80 litters.
  • It is better to choose a water heater with “dry” heating element if there is a large budget for the purchase. “Dry” heating element is more reliable than “wet” heating element, but more expensive.
  • Choose a tank with an enamel or stainless steel coating. If your budget is larger, you can opt for a titanium coating.
  • If you value practicality and economy, a mechanically controlled boiler is for you. Choose the more expensive electronic one if you need accuracy and additional features.