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Fiberglass vs. Vinyl Windows: Which Are Best for Your Home? Bob Vila

Just because you have chosen the replacement window material, you cannot consider the job to be done. Picking the decision that vinyl windows would be your material is just a part of the procedure. You need to evaluate the range of options available which will possible affect your comfort level and home energy bills. Also your new window will have a good amount of impact on the aesthetics of your house. Hence it is essential to choose a style which fits well with the architecture of your home. Check out some of the types of vinyl windows you can choose for your home:

Single hung windows: It is the oldest style which exists today. They have been installed in several buildings for the past 100s of years and continue to enjoy popularity thereby bringing charm and character to your house. They are also known as single sash windows.  

Double hung windows: They are highly flexible and have overtaken single hung windows. They are a popular choice amongst people looking to get their windows replaced. The top and bottom can move and thus you have a good flow of fresh air to the room. And because the sashes don’t open in the room, they are space effective.

Casement windows: Rather than pushing the sashes up and down, casement windows have hinges which allow you to open the windows outwards, just like doors. They offer better air flow and you can also include some custom design elements to your casement windows.

Awning windows: Awning windows are like casement windows, just they turn on the sides. Apart from being horizontal windows, another primary difference is that the hinges are affixed to the top edge of the sash, rather than the side. It is not a window which you would like for replacement and is often used in properties which don’t allow other window styles to be installed because of lack of space. However, they do offer good ventilation without compromising your privacy.

Bay windows: If you have a big budget, you can pick bay vinyl windows. Why are they costlier than the other window styles? Well, because of the way they are made which requires more material in comparison to other window styles. The window has 3 to 5 sections with middle one being parallel to exterior wall of the property. You can install these windows in your bedroom or living room.  They make the room appear more spacious.

Bow windows: there is a major difference between bay and bow window. The middle panel of the bay window is larger than the other panels while in a bow window all panels are same. Having bow windows installed in your home makes it appealing and enhances its market value.

Picture windows: Picture windows are different from all the other styles as they cannot be opened or closed. They are a frame to get a beautiful view from your room. They are installed as a fixed picture with other window styles to allow fresh air circulation inside a room. 

You can seek help of a professional to find out which style of vinyl window will suit your home’s architecture.


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