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When it comes to decoration and enhancement of the houses, homeowners have wide varieties of options. Out of several enhancement ways feature wall is one of them also called as accent wall.  It offers you great opportunities to experiment with textures, color, shape and patterns. It is the most effective way to make your room live up and is totally dependent on the material you choose, it can be of low budget or can be expensive.  According to other decorating ideas it is the most practiced one in every house of the county. 

Things to keep in mind while designing a feature wall

Always choose complementary colors 

Before starting, you must ensure that whatever pattern or color you choose, it should complement the entire room. Don’t just choose any random color for your room as it can fully spoil the looks of your room. If you are not sure about the color then you must go through their shade cards and can ask from your retailer.

Avoid crowded room 

The room should not be too crowded because other person will not be able to see it properly and all his attention will move towards the unwanted stuff. So, you should always keep the room clean and less crowded that can attract more and more attention of the visitors.       

Choose perfect space

Don’t select the wall randomly, as it plays an important role in highlighting your room so be careful while selecting the wall.  You should not select the wall with metal hanger or any device stalling wall. The wall behind your bed is perfect but make sure it should not have any metal rod or hanger. The point behind this is that the feature wall is designed to attract the attention and if person finds anything odd on that wall his attention will totally move towards that thing. 

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