Louis Jones July 3, 2020

A healthy debate is sometimes important to know all the sides of a particular thing. If you are talking about basement waterproofing, then it is essential to know which route to take to safeguard your investment from flood, water leakage etc. 

Never mess with basement waterproofing

Your home holds great value and from financial point of view, it is a great investment plus you have emotional attachment too. Hence you need to protect your basement from being swept away in a flood. Stains on the floor and wall, rusting, musty smell, water pooling are some of the signs that your basement needs waterproofing. Even with small leakage in the basement, you may witness growth of mildew and mould which are harmful for your health. 

When you hire a professional waterproofing company Toronto, they do a complete analysis of the internal of your basement and outside foundation, window wells and see how the earth is graded up against the foundation of your home and if there is something close to house storing extra water which may contribute to rise in water pressure which may cause basement leaks. Once they assess the conditions, they will recommend waterproofing.

Reasons to go for exterior waterproofing

  1. Surely, it is the best way to protect your house from basement leakage and flooding. It involves excavation of the exterior perimeter of your house till the foundation of the home, cleaning of the walls, replacement of the cracks, and application of water block foundation, installation of mesh around the perimeter, installation of the drainage membrane on the walls and installation of a new weeping system below the basement.
  2. Exterior waterproofing doesn’t allow water to seep in and cause damage to your walls and floors. It keeps the home structure strong.
  3. It is expensive and depends on the size of the building. As there is more work and material involved, it costs more. But it will stop all leakage through your home foundation and doesn’t let your foundation get weak.

Reasons to go for internal waterproofing

  1. It is costlier than external waterproofing.
  2. Closeness to neighbouring houses, limited space, presence of a deck, loose soil near the exterior of the house may make the excavation work linked to external waterproofing impossible. Hence, people choose internal basement waterproofing Toronto. It doesn’t involve any disruption like external waterproofing.
  3. Insulation of the basement wall is the part of the interior waterproofing procedure and it present condensation to form on the wall. Once you add spray foam insulation on the wall, the waterproofing procedure gets complete.
  4. Interior waterproofing pumps out the water which has entered the basement contrary to exterior waterproofing which keeps it out. 
  5. It is an effective method to keep your basement dry and secure.
  6. It is a complete waterproofing system with backups built in such as sump pump battery backup which collects water from the drainage system and pumps it out safely away from the foundation giving the house owner complete peace of mind that their basement is dry. 

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