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Ok, so you are ready to change the look and feel of your room, or looking to upgrade, then you might be wondering which painting method should you consider and most certainly, why? though painting the brick and staining the brick may look very similar methods, but in reality, they are actually they are not.

Brick Painting Is Very Popular

Brick painting is very common, and as it says for itself, brick is covered with latex paint, the bricks natural feel and look is not preserved but lost, as it is covered with the layer of paint, a finishing is formed on the flat surface which is thick. The problem with this method is that the once the brick is painted, the maintenance requirement basically lies over your shoulders, cause the paint degradation starts from the initial days which also means from very first day. And will require maintenance in a period ranging from three to five years. The main culprits and problems are:

Efflorescence: Adhesion issue, where salt is formed on the surface of the bricks, which leads to peeling of the paint, because the salt deposits are left under the surface of the paint, it sits there, causing the issue.

As the paint completely covers the brick surface, the moister is formed and trapped with the brick, and finding no escape to evaporate, so moisture is not released, and this leads to blistering of the paint, water damage occurs overtime in those cracks due to build-up of water.

The Method Is Easy

Brick staining is the method which is lot more easier then painting the brick, In this method the brick is not masked but rather natural texture is preserved by this method, absorption occurs in this method unlike painting where the brick is covered. Staining method is similar to dyeing.

The method for the brick staining is just like painting the brick, the brick surface must be cleaned thoroughly and then made completely dry.

A Small Testing

A small testing must be done on a brick before starting the process, and if not reaching the desirable colour, for darker tone more pigments can be added and for lighter tone more water can be added.

To seep the stain deeper, then use a rag then a brush.

One should get it right because the lifespan of the stain is about twenty years.

So why is brick staining a good idea, it has longer lifespan than paint, which requires constant maintenance as well, the stain is absorbed by the brick whereas the paint covers the brick.

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