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All the previous points are to avoid pests, but they are often not enough, and they enter the lot. In these cases, there are some cultural tasks that we can do. However, the most effective is the use of chemicals. It’s better to do some exclusion in the treatment of your home.

Control Of Agricultural Pests With Phytosanitary Products.

The use of phytosanitary products requires a particular budget, which is why practical applications are recommended. One tool that is gaining value is the use of adjuvants.

The use of adjuvants is a handy tool when controlling pests of crops.

While these enhance the application broth’s qualities, a thorough batch monitoring must be performed to use the right active ingredients.

We can find the amount of drops impacts that should be achieved depending on what you want to control. This can be corroborated with the use of hydro-sensitive cards.

After the application, monitoring must be carried out again to check that everything has turned out well. In the event of a failure, the problem will be studied and whether a new application is needed.


There are different types of pests, as well as many ways to avoid and control them. The best thing will always be to take preventive measures since it involves more straightforward procedures than eliminating them.

Knowing the field and the area’s climate is conducive when monitoring the crop to estimate what can be found. Besides, we can modify some qualities of the soil to improve it.

When carrying out control with agrochemicals, always do it in the best possible way. Avoid poor quality applications that can lead to more subsequent applications and increase expenses. Remember that in these cases, the use of adjuvants is a great help.

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