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A bedroom is the favourite place of most people. When it comes to sleeping, chatting, or relaxing, all of us like to get comfortable and cosy in our beds. However, such bedrooms require an ample amount of walking space and a specific place for everything. Many of us cannot afford to have a huge bedroom that has a decent amount of space. We also may not be able to compromise on the wardrobe and toilet space. It is very wise to think of a wooden bed with storage units in such situations. Especially when you opt for a Sheesham wood storage bed, it adds a beautiful essence to the interior of your room and, at the same time, helps you declutter your bedroom. Wakefit fulfils all your needs for a wooden storage bed with the most stylish and unique designs in the market.

Practical Benefits of using a Sheesham Storage Bed

  • Better Storage Space

Storage beds are one of the best ways to manage your storage space in modern homes. A lot of clutter in the room unorganized might feel hectic and challenging to clean daily. If you’re a person who usually holds back a lot of stuff and might need more storage space, the storage bed would be a perfect option. The storage compartments allow you to fit your possessions in an organized pattern. The bed storage chambers can contain huge blankets, bedsheets, bedcovers, quilts, etc. which may not fit most people’s wardrobes or occupy most space in the cabinets. These wooden beds have separate drawers to contain less essential things like towels, shoes, jumpers, etc. If there is renovation work or change in home décors like wardrobes and cupboards, you will not have to dump your clothes in another room. Instead, arrange them in the storage space beneath your bed. It will give a significant and neat look to the room.

  • Great Style and Finish

Any king size bed, either in the traditional or modern design, is always rich and appealing to the eye. Wood naturally adapts to every bedroom style and ensures elegance and sophistication. A bedroom filled with wardrobes may take away the majestic ambience of the room and darken the room.  If you want your bedroom to look classy and full of life, it has to allow maximum light into it. Sheesham wood storage beds are well built and, when matched with the Wakefit Latex Mattress, provides you with great style and comfort. They are available with a lot of designs in the market. Their extravagant tone and texture add up to the décor of the room. Sheesham wood naturally has a great texture and, when carved, develops a complete premium finish.

  • Distinctive Quality

It is always better to choose quality over quantity. A bed of poor quality affects your sleeping patterns and health. A bed with a low rate may have issues like wear and tear, squeaks and creaks and a short life span. A handmade Sheesham wood storage bed, although more expensive when compared to the others, yet is the better option because of its durability and permanence. Its lastingness and resilience save you money as you have to invest only once. In contrast, many of the other wooden beds wear out quickly and do not last a lifetime. Sheesham wood is one of the most acceptable grades of wood that allows you to use it for the most prolonged period. Also, Sheesham wood is resistant to termites and weevils by nature. Hence there will be no necessity for you to do termite treatment or pest control ever.

  • Available in Different Types and Sizes:

Sheesham wooden beds with storage options come in different sizes and types based on usage. Here are a few that are available with Wakefit.

  • Double bed with storage – These double bed sizes can be opted for small master bedrooms and also kids’ bedrooms.
  • Queen size bed with storage – This is slightly larger in size and can be used in master bedrooms.
  • King size bed with storage – This is a huge-sized bed used in master bedrooms with a good amount of space.
  • Customization Options

Customization is one of the most advantageous options in today’s world. Every individual’s needs and methods of usage are different. One can customize their beds according to their convenience. Some may want bigger drawers to stalk quilts and blankets, while a few others may require smaller compartments to store towels, pillow covers, bedsheets, bedcovers etc. The buyer can also choose between box-type storage beds, where the opening is on the top of the bed and drawer storage type beds, where drawers are placed at the bedsides. One can also match their side tables and drawers to their wooden beds. The number of drawers can also be custom-built depending upon the users choice. A minimum of two drawers and a maximum of 4 drawers can be attempted in wooden beds. You can match the same with Wakefit bedside cabinets to give a neat look.

  • Cost-Effective

Sheesham wooden bed, when compared to a teak wood bed, is lesser in price but has more or less the same quality as a teak wood bed. For those who cannot afford a teak wood bed, the Sheesham wood storage bed would be the perfect option. Storage beds also prevent you from spending money on an extra wardrobe to hold your belongings. This wooden bed has a simple assembly process, thus saving transportation costs. People who live away from home may not require a separate wardrobe to place their clothes. In this case, a storage bed would serve the purpose of sleep and storage, thus saving money. Also, the quality of the product is such that it requires no maintenance and lasts for a lifetime. These Sheesham wood storage beds are approximately within the range and pretty reasonable.

A tidy bedroom and a good sleep pattern give the mind peace and relieve stress. However, a clustered bedroom is always difficult to clean and accumulates a lot of dust. It might eventually affect your health and mind. Sheesham wood storage beds play a vital role in organizing our belongings and putting things in place. It is high time we identify smarter ways of managing things to follow a stress-free, relaxed and sophisticated lifestyle.

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