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A humidor must ensure constant humidity between 60 and 80 percent in order to preserve the taste of the cigars. The appropriate humidity is ultimately based on the personal taste of the aficionado. Some people prefer to smoke their cigars a little drier, so the cigars have less moisture. In this case, the humidity is 60 percent.

Right Humidity to Be Maintained

A value of 70 to 72 percent is generally considered correct. With a humidity of 65 percent, the best cigars can be stored for a longer period of time. After that, they lose strength and aroma. The humidor must be airtight in order to regulate the air circulation and humidity inside the humidor so that the cigars do not spoil due to rot or mold, nor dry out and lose their aroma. Finished cigars should not be exposed to direct sunlight and they should not be stored in the refrigerator. The cigar needs constancy in storage both in terms of humidity and temperature. Visit for the best results now.

The optimal temperature is between 17 and 20 degrees Celsius. The cigar can tolerate a little more cold or heat for a while, but repeated climate changes at regular intervals are very harmful to the cigar.

Humidification Systems: The Humidification Of The Humidor Interior

We have already informed ourselves about the importance of air humidity. How do I keep the humidity in the humidor constant and how can I control and monitor it? There are various humidification systems for this. Active such as electronic humidifiers and passive systems based on sponges or acrylic polymer crystals.

Passive Humidification

With the passive humidification systems there is the simple sponge system, which fortunately is hardly widespread. The disadvantage of this system is that a lot of moisture is released in the first 3 days, but it then rapidly decreases. For example the Cigar Humidification Systems sponge humidifiers. The science explanation of the whole process needs to be known.

Acrylic Polymer Crystals Humidification

The alternative to this are the humidification systems based on acrylic polymer crystals. If the right polymer is used in the right dosage, this system can keep the humidity constant at 70 to 72 percent in a self-regulating manner. Fluctuations can be compensated more quickly. The acrylic polymer crystals only have to be topped up with distilled water and should be replaced or renewed after about two years. The risk of bacterial contamination with polymer humidifiers is lower than with sponge-based humidifiers.

Set up the Humidity

The desired humidity value can be set individually and water only needs to be topped up every four to six months. So-called humid-packs have recently become another alternative. These bags contain a saturated solution of salts and water. The Humidor Calibration bags monitor the relative humidity in the humidor and keep it constant within the bag. Only pure water is released through the air-permeable membrane on both sides of the bag.

The cigars in the humidor can touch the bags directly without being damaged. These bags are available for a wide variety of humidity percentages. In order to achieve constant humidity in the humidor, the position of the humidification systems is important. The humidifying elements should always have a certain distance from the cigars and the wood. The risk of both of them getting too much moisture would then be too high.

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