Louis Jones July 18, 2019

Most avid gardeners also play a strong part in the “green” movement. They grow some of their own foods, find methods for saving or conserving water and implement all kinds of strategies for using their plants, trees and shrubs in the most effective ways possible. They also create nurturing environments for many local creatures such as birds, insects and bees.

Many gardeners also prefer a more natural overall look to their yards and gardens and find that they prefer to use the gentle glow and electricity-free solar landscape light fixtures available. Of course in this modern era such fixtures are available in an enormous variety of styles and materials, including brass and brushed pewter as well as the traditional black cast iron styles.

It is remarkable to consider the number of designs that can be used in both formal and informal gardening and lawn areas. There are post fixtures of all heights and designs, “bollard” lights that give a truly unique look to a drive or path, hanging fixtures that provide a beautiful glow along with the style of on old-fashioned lantern and the very familiar “tiered” styles that look much like the earliest and most original exterior solar lights, but with far better design and features.

When considering any installation of solar landscape lighting it is important to remember that a true lighting design scheme is possible through the strict use of solar fixtures. Paths can be totally illuminated, shrubs or specimens can be featured with a spotlight, doorways or entrances can receive a constant supply of ample lighting through posts or hanging fixtures and all kinds of accents or effects can be created with solar landscape fixtures.

Let’s examine a very “basic” yard and garden outfitted with solar lighting. The small drive in front of the garage can feature bollard lighting on both sides to allow a driver to easily determine the width and length of the parking area. The walkway leading through the yard can have several tiered features that are in the same Arts and Crafts style as the exterior of the home (a few of them outfitted with spot lights for several beautiful plantings and to brightly light the stairs leading up to the front door). This same yard might also use some fixtures by a back gate, for security reasons, or even a few decorative solar flood lights along a darker part of the yard. The best thing about such a large scale design is that it requires no digging, no electricity and can be installed in only a short period of time.