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A kitchen is central to everyday life, making it the perfect room for a luxury remodeling project. Homeowners have so many choices that engaging a professional interior designer can prove to be the best project decision made. Even a well prepared kitchen remodel plan will likely benefit from a dose of flexibility and a positive expectation to have fun in the process. Here are a few favorite ideas to consider for a luxury home remodel. All of them benefit from using quality materials of distinction for a kitchen remodel project that a homeowner will love to live with.

A Kitchen Island With Additional Seating

Homeowners often ask if their kitchen is sufficiently wide to add a functional, yet stunning island. Though the island runs at least 42, it is possible to minimize the design down to 36″ between the island and sink wall. One option to gain a few valuable feet of floorspace is to add a bay window; you will also gain fabulous light and a view of your landscaped gardens. Every home is unique and your designer will know how to maximize it’s more permanent features, while adding new ones.

Kitchen Renovations: Wood Flooring

Many designers helping homeowners remodeling their kitchens today are turning to an old flooring standby: wood, as a material of distinction. Wood flooring has made a major comeback as builders and homeowners look to increase the charm, value and comfort in new and remodeled homes with something so beautiful and so natural.

Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets with glass at the top, or in the cabinet door showcase the family’s favorite dishes or crystal stem ware. Adding a built-in wine rack or plate rack, adds high fashion and functionality. An amazing variety of time-saver features are offered if building custom cabinets; including; tiered lazy Susans, built-in cutlery drawers, a pull-down soap and sponge holder, housing for your smaller kitchen appliances, and deep drawers for pots and bake ware.

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