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office curtain are an excellent way to create special enclosures within their existing workspace and make the most of their space without investing much! These are so versatile that we have seen them in all places, even in those who could have done it with simple curtains! You should ask what is the good of the office curtains that make them so desirable and favorite among all and diverse, so we explain the 3 main applications of industrial curtains and it is possible that you also find a new use for office  curtains!

What are the special reasons to choose office curtains?

Mainly, the office curtains are used to define spaces within a large work area. The second reason why people use these curtains is because of their ability to contain an environment within the defined area. These are quite able to contain particles, gases, fumes, and biologically dangerous materials to enter or leave any space limited by it.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that if these are so super efficient to contain an environment, these would be much better for applications that are not even half of dangerous or critical.

What is big about office curtains?

A big thing about office curtains is the transparent windows made in them. These are protectors like the rest of the curtain, with the additional benefit of being transparent, which allows visitors to see what is happening inside without being exposed to the dangers of the nature of the work done within the area of ​​the curtains.

Therefore, office curtains are bought by mechanics, garages, horse farm owners, painters, construction workers, biochemistry, and what is not, the list simply does not end!

3 uses that are very common

  • Automatic paint facilities

If you have ever been in a painting center, you must have seen the area where painters do their painting work. They spray color, enamels, and other chemicals that can cause serious damage to the human body if they are directly inhaled. To avoid direct inhalation, they use protective masks on their face, but those around them are defenseless against damage.

In addition to customers and visitors, this also harms all those who work in the painting store all day, for example, other technicians, receptionists, and managers that serve too far from the painting work area, but however, they are equally exposed To threats like someone standing in the vicinity of painting spray! By nature, the paint is very light and uses an oil-based solvent that carries the paint particles away from the real area.

Therefore, such facilities use office curtains to contain the dangers of the painting industry.

  • Temperature-sensitive warehouse facilities

Imagine that your fish arriving in Rancio, would you like or pay for it? No, they would also do it to all other customers who like to eat fish and other similar products that depend on the appropriate storage conditions: temperature, humidity, and air.

How do you think store facilities maintain their pleasant and fresh products? They put several things in applications, among which industrial/office curtains are one. Even if they had the most efficient cooling system in their place, they could not control the environment without curtains.

Office curtains prevent air, humidity, and temperature from escaping or changing constantly. These affordable curtains have a direct effect on cooling expenses.

  • High noise facilities

The same can be said of high noise facilities. The high decibels have a decidedly harmful effect on the human body and there is much scientific research to demonstrate it. Factories that produce high noise levels as part of their daily activities use acoustic curtains that reduce up to 80% of the noise, reducing the annoying cacophony to a harmless hum.

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